Laser Welding Robot

Robotic Laser Welding System
The robotic laser welding system developed by 3D Robotics appeals to every sector that needs laser welding in the industry. Lasers are cutting many different materials as high density energy source,

They are used in many applications such as welding, surface treatment. Advantages such as high processing speed, low thermal damage, high process quality and repeatability are the most important reasons for the processing of materials with lasers.

Robotic Laser Welding Advantages;

  • It enables high welding speeds depending on the laser power and material.
  • It is one of the numerous advantages of laser source, such as low heat affected area and high processing speed.
  • Due to the rapid cooling, the material is not significantly affected.
  • It provides a high-strength, non-grinding weld seam with a standard appearance.
  • It can easily reach hard spots even in narrow areas.
  • Can source two different materials
  • Follow-up and positioning with the camera is convenient.
  • Suitability for use in spot and seam welding
  • It provides deep penetration in the welding area of ​​the parts, and the distortions that can be seen during welding are low probability
  • Welding can be done using / without filling material
  • The laser is a clean source of energy.
  • It is suitable for industrial automation.
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