What is HUBBOX?

What is HUBBOX?


  • It accelerates the transition to Industry 4.0.
  • Collects data from the production area.
  • Sends instant alerts from the field.
  • Reduces the number of failures and stops.
  • It talks to ERP and other applications.
  • M2M creates networks.
  • It provides direct access to the machines.

HUBBOX Solutions

By listening to the needs of the users, we offer the most suitable solutions to their problems. We remain in constant communication and provide uninterrupted support.

  • Access security: End-to-end 2048 bit SSL v3 ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 encryption
  • 2FA verification: Users can add additional security to their mobile phones with Google authenticator
  • Remote access: We provide connection without requiring static IP, port forwarding, network or firewall permission changes.

Statistical Information About Using IoT

Industrial IoT usage is increasing day by day. Sectors using IoT in the world and their distributions in 2017 are included in the graphic on the side.

In addition, regional usage rates are given below.


Manufacturing                                20%
in retail                                           15% 
Energy and Tools                           14%
Transportation and Logistics          13%
Health                                             13%
Automotive                                      10%
Public                                               9%
Consumer Electronics                      6%

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